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There are two types of command-line arguments:

On the initial launch, Conkeror performs the following steps:

  1. The core Conkeror modules are loaded.
  2. Any special command-line arguments are processed.
  3. Optional Conkeror modules are loaded, as described on the Modules page.

  4. The ConkerorRC file or directory, as specified by the conkeror.rcfile string preference, is loaded, unless the -q special command-line option was given.

  5. Any normal command-line arguments are processed.
  6. If the default action was not suppressed by one of the normal command-line arguments, the URI specified by the string-valued homepage variable (this is a variable, not a Mozilla preference) is loaded as if it were specified as a URI on the command line.

On subsequent invocations of Conkeror when there is already a Conkeror process running, only the normal command-line arguments are processed.

Special Command-line Arguments

Normal Command-line Arguments

Normal command-line arguments are processed in the order in which they are specified on the command line.

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