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I'm Axel Beckert and I'm packaging Conkeror for Debian (together with Luca Capello).

I use Conkeror daily with Debian Unstable on my EeePC as well as with Debian Lenny on my T61 Thinkpad and at work.

I grew up with GNU Emacs, use mostly keyboard based window managers (ratpoison and FVWM) and prefer the command-line (zsh), screen and text-mode (e.g. mutt, irssi, aptitude, htop). But for the web I need a graphical web browser. lynx, links2 and w3m are fine but I like CSS and webpages with a decent design. So I like Gecko. But I also regard Firefox as bloated—although it started (well, yeah, started) as lean Mozilla alternative. For me, Conkeror is a refreshing alternative browser with a combination of several interesting concepts not found in any other web browser, at least not all of them at the same time.

I have a blog at http://noone.org/blog and all Conkeror related posts appear at http://noone.org/blog/tags/Conkeror.

You can also contact me via Jabber at abe@noone.org or on IRC: I'm on OFTC (e.g. in #debian.de), Freenode (e.g. in #conkeror) and IRCNet as XTaran.

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