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1. Where does the name "Conkeror" come from?

A "conkeror" is a winner in the game of conkers--a game in which the contestants knock their conker (a horse chestnut on a string) against their opponents' to see whose will crack first. Although the name of Conkeror the browser was originally inspired by Conkeror Beer from Crouch Vale Brewery, the project later adopted the nutty etymology of its name as a kind of theme. Although etymologically unrelated, due to the fact that "Conkeror" is a homonym with the name of the web browser "Konqueror", the full name of the browser in spoken English is "Conkeror (with a C)", though in writing, this disambiguation is unnecessary.

2. Do you have to know javascript to use Conkeror?

No, but it helps. Many people use Conkeror without knowing javascript. If you wish to customize Conkeror beyond its defaults, you should at least have an open mind to the idea of a configuration file being written with javascript syntax. For writing your configuration, you can usually copy and paste from others, and the developers are available on irc and via our mailing list to help you with any difficulties.

3. Does <Firefox extension> work with Conkeror?

Many Firefox extensions fully or partially work with Conkeror. A list of working and non-working extensions can be found under Extensions.

4. Does <Mozilla plugin> work with Conkeror?

Many Mozilla plugins fully work with Conkeror. More information can be found under Plugins.

5. Why don't key bindings work when plugins are focused?

This is due to a bug in XULRunner. A workaround can be found on the wiki page UpstreamBugs.

6. How do I use bookmarks?

The bookmarks system is described in detail on the wiki-page Bookmarks.

7. How do I prevent download buffers from opening new windows?

Set the variable dowload_buffer_automatic_open_target to one of the following:

Details see UserVariables

8. How do I make links opened from other applications open in an existing Conkeror window?

Set the variable url_remoting_fn to one of the following:

Details see UserVariables

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