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Bookmarks can be added using the interactive command bookmark, which is bound to b by default.

Bookmarks can be accessed via URL history completion when the variable url_completion_use_bookmarks is true - e.g., by pressing g to invoke find-url.

Conkeror does not currently provide other bookmark management capabilities, like modification or deletion. However the bookmarks file is simply an SQLite file, so programs like sqlitebrowser can be used to modify or delete bookmarks. The SQLite file can be found in ~/.conkeror.mozdev.org/conkeror/<profile>/places.sqlite.

Alternately, Conkeror uses the same bookmark system as Firefox 3.x.x, so using Firefox's bookmark manager is another option. Simply copy places.sqlite from a Conkeror profile directory (~/.conkeror.mozdev.org/conkeror/<profile>/places.sqlite) to a Firefox profile directory (e.g. ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/places.sqlite), and then back again to the Conkeror profile directory after editing the bookmarks.

List Bookmarks from Command Line

The step of copying the file in the following code is necessary if conkeror is running. If you try to run sqlite3 on places.sqlite while conkeror is running, you will get an error that the database is locked.

cp ~/.conkeror.mozdev.org/conkeror/YOUR-PROFILE/places.sqlite /tmp/places.sqlite.tmp
sqlite3 /tmp/places.sqlite.tmp '
    SELECT b.id, p.url, p.title, b.title
    FROM moz_bookmarks
    b INNER JOIN moz_places p ON b.fk = p.id
    ORDER BY b.id DESC;'

Integrate Delicious with Conkeror

This doesn't integrate Conkeror's bookmarking system with Delicious, but you can post bookmarks to Delicious and search Delicious' bookmarks: http://conkeror.org/Tips#Integratedeliciouswithconkeror

Integrate Google Bookmarks with Conkeror

Similar to the previous, but for Google Bookmarks. Currently only "Go to Bookmark", no "Add Bookmark". http://conkeror.org/Tips#IntegrateGoogleBookmarkswithConkeror

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