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The Targets System comprises the set of conventions and mechanisms by which Conkeror knows how and where to open an URL---in the current buffer, in a new buffer, in a new window, or according to the intent of a hyperlink itself, to name a few. Targets are represented in Conkeror by Javascript constants, so let us first get a quick run-down of those constants, so we know what our options are for configuring the different URL-handling subsystems.

Target Constants

This target means to open the URL in the current buffer.
This target means to open the URL in a new buffer, and to switch to that buffer.
This target means to open the URL in a new buffer, but not to switch to that buffer.
This target means to open the URL in a new buffer, in a new window.
This is like OPEN_CURRENT_BUFFER, except that for hyperlinks, the intent of the hyperlink itself will be obeyed.
In an HTML Frameset document, this target represents the focused frame. When not in a Frameset, it behaves like OPEN_CURRENT_BUFFER.


When web content calls window.open to try to load an URL in a new window, the actual place that the URL will get loaded in is controlled by the variable browser_default_open_target.

Follow Commands



From the Command Line

When Conkeror is called from the OS level, and one or more URLs or webjumps are given on the command line, this is called remoting. The target of URLs loaded by remoting is controlled by setting the value of url_remoting_fn to one of several pre-defined handler functions, or to a function of your own creation.

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