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The main way of extending Conkeror is by writing modes. Modes come in many types, to fill many roles. This page will give an overview of the different types of modes, and name some examples of each type.

1. Buffer Mode

A buffer-mode is a type of mode that can be enabled and disabled per-buffer, and whose effects are confined to an individual buffer. Some buffer-modes' function is to install a temporary keymap, like quote-mode and quote-next-mode. Other buffer-modes do more, like caret-mode.

For information about how to write a buffer-mode, see Writing Buffer Modes.

1.1. Page Mode

A page-mode is a subtype of buffer-mode. Page-modes are automatically enabled and disabled according to the buffer's current location.

For information about the page-modes that come built into Conkeror, see Page Modes.

For information about how to write a page-mode, see Writing Page Modes.

2. Namespaces

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To give your module its own namespace, give the file the extension .jsx

<df_> what is special about jsx?
<retroj> it gets its own namespace instead of being loaded into conkeror's global
namespace. when conkeror loads a jsx, it makes a context based on the filename,
like conkeror.casual_spelling
<df_> so it's still standard js?
<retroj> yes
<df_> thanks

3. Global Mode

3.1. Global Window Mode

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