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Typical Install

1. Windows installer

A standard Windows installer has been provided to simplify the installation process. You can download the lastest version here. Or if you prefer to install a previous version feel free to browse the index. If you're unsure check out the msi change log. During the installation process you will receive a notice that the installation file was created by an unknown publisher. Don't worry, it's safe to install this product and we plan to resolve this issue soon. After choosing your install version simply download and run the installer file. The on screen wizard will walk you through the rest of the installation process.

For complete installer documenation please review our msi documentation page.

Manual Install

1. Install XULRunner

Read XULRunner for guidance in installing XULRunner.

2. Install Conkeror

2.1. Snapshot archive

You can obtain Conkeror either with git or by downloading a snapshot archive. Note that if you intend to make changes to the Conkeror source code, using Git will be enormously more convenient than using a snapshot, particularly if you may want to contribute your changes back to Conkeror. Git is fairly small, and is easy to install, even on Windows.

2.2. git

To use Conkeror from the git repository, first clone the repository, using the command:

git clone git://repo.or.cz/conkeror.git

Later on, when you want to update:

git fetch
git log HEAD..origin  #optional, shows you the changes
git merge origin

3. Last step

The last step is to make a shortcut to launch Conkeror. We currently recommend the XULRunner-stub method:

4. Alternate last step (might not work)

There have been reports that this way does not work. If anybody knows why, or can tell us how these instructions need to be updated, please contact us.

Make a shortcut to xulrunner.exe in the Conkeror directory (by dragging and dropping while holding down Control+Shift).

Open the properties for the shortcut and set:


"C:\Program Files\xulrunner\xulrunner.exe" "<Conkeror Install Dir>\application.ini"

Start in

<leave blank>

Rename the shortcut to Conkeror, and create other shortcuts as needed on your desktop and start menu.

Other Installs

For Unix-like operating systems other than Mac OS X, read InstallationUnix. For Mac OS X instructions, read InstallationOSX. There are also simpler instructions available for OSes that use Debian-style packaging, like Debian and Ubuntu. For those operating systems, read InstallationDebian.

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