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New features are requested via the bug tracker:

Create a new bug with a Priority of wish. Discussing the feature in the IRC channel and/or the mailing list is also a good way to bring attention to your ideas. Please browse the list of existing feature requests to make sure you're not adding a duplicate.

If you have an account at the tracker, you can email feature requests from the email address you used to register your account. Simply send an email to:

The subject should be a short summary of the feature. The subject must end with the following text: [priority=wish] For example:

The body should be a message containing any other details regarding the feature you wish to include. You may attach any number of files to the email message. An initial email will be sent to you noting creation of the feature request, and you will be emailed anytime the request is updated. You may reply to any of these messages to add additional comments or files to the request on the tracker.

For more information on interacting with the tracker via email, please see the documentation for Roundup's email gateway.

Consider the question, in a community-driven project, exactly who are these features requested of? The answer is you. Conkeror is made by its users with an ethic of ultimate flexibility for like-minded hackers. The only way Conkeror can continue to get better is if its users continue to read and improve its source code. With that in mind, read, write, and discuss the community wishlist on the tracker, and see if any of the ideas there are ones that you can implement.

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