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== 05/23/14 ==

* Xulrunner updated to version 29.0

* Latest Conkeror updates.

MSI Change log


* Xulrunner updated to version 29.0

* Latest Conkeror updates.


* Xulrunner updated to version 27.0

* Latest Conkeror updates.


* Xulrunner updated to version 26.0

* Latest Conkeror updates.

* Registry cleanup.


* Updated to include recent changes and bug fixes to Conkeror.

* Installer modified to make the product version reflect Conkeror's actual version number. (This change means users who had installed previous versions will have to manually uninstall Conkeror prior to installing this version.)


* Xulrunner updated to version 25.0.

* Background images using the official Conkeror icon were added to the installer user interface.

* An icon file using the official Conkeror icon was embeded in the conkeror.exe file and thus used in shortcuts to that file.

* Included logic to use active setup to ensure all users on the target machine get the .conkerorrc directory in their user profile.

* Included logic to allow non administrator users to perform a per user install.


* The Conkeror windows installer was born.

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