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What program is the main source of Conkeror's design philosophy?

location: Wikipedia


Some of the information in this section may be outdated.

Quick walk-through: require("page-modes/wikipedia.js");

The didyoumean? module

For people not that great with spelling, there's the wikipedia-didyoumean.js module. The module works by checking whether the user is at the "article not found" page on any Wikipedia and looks for the "did you mean" box. If the "did you mean" tip is available, it immediately follows the tip. This works infinitely, so it will keep following the tip until it gets to an article that exists or until no more tips are available. If there are no tips available, but the search matched the text in any article on Wikipedia, it immediately goes to that article.


  1. The user tries to access an article on "hahahoho".
  2. There is no such article, but the didyoumean tip asks "Did you mean: hahaha", so Conkeror tries to access "hahaha".
  3. There is no such article, and no didyoumean tip. The first match in the search results is "Haha".
  4. Conkeror goes to "Haha".

To use this functionality, add this to your rc file:


This works quite well in conjunction with the Wikipedia webjumps. Writing e.g. "en bruse sprengstien" jumps all the way to the English Wikipedia article on Bruce Springsteen.