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What program is the main source of Conkeror's design philosophy?

location: Ghostery

STATUS: Currently not working properly. Installs fine and works generally good but there are some problems.

Ghostery is a firefox extension to detect and block trackers, cookies and bug fixes.


Installing it requires to use force install, by deleting the MANIFESTs and changing the install.rdf file:


You will also have to edit chrome.manifest to include this line:

Which chrome.manifest? I count four in my conkeror source tree.

overlay chrome://conkeror-gui/content/conkeror.xul chrome://ghostery/content/ghostery.xul application={a79fe89b-6662-4ff4-8e88-09950ad4dfde}


The official version uses a javascript pop-up that appears in the bottom status/toolbar in firefox, to manage the settings, activate/deactivate and a functionality to change the behaviour of the current trackers/cookies. In this case it is only provided the way to access the settings by adding the next text to the .conkerorrc file or folder.

   1 interactive("ghostery",
   2             "Open Ghostery settings.",
   3             function (I) {
   4                 browser_object_follow(I.buffer, OPEN_NEW_BUFFER, 'chrome://ghostery/content/options.html');
   5             });


It is important to access the settings and disable every type of tracker and cookie (or whatever the user wants), because it is installed as "allow everything".